Light online perusing suggests that all every mother wants for Mother’s Day is breakfast in bed, a bouquet of flowers, and a bottle of wine. We’re not here to argue with the masses; those options are tried and true. But what about a little extra for the mom that deserves it all? Here are a few ideas to help you go above and beyond this Mother’s Day.

A Clean House

While it’s lovely to wake up to a breakfast buffet, it can also be quite messy! For an even more blissful morning, rally the troops to clean the night before. Extra points for tackling those hard-to-clean rooms, like the kitchen!

Symbolic Jewelry

Leave the heart pendants and infinity necklaces in 2008, and opt for something a little more creative. Get mom an item that somehow represents the family. For example, a 3-pearl cluster necklace for a mother of three. Or for mamas of newborns: a silver bracelet engraved with the little one’s date of birth!

Workout Clothes

For on-the-go moms who love to stay active, support her hobbies with some fresh new workout clothes! Running pants, yoga tanks, and even phone-holding fanny packs are sure to be much appreciated and quickly put to use.

A Fancy Day Trip

Gifts are great and always appreciated, but why not go the extra mile and plan a special outing for mom? Take a day trip to that new local brewery, or surprise her with tasting passes at a winery. She’ll love getting dressed up and spending quality time with the family (or maybe just Dad ????) Make sure to take plenty of photos so she can cherish the day forever! 


Don’t just relegate the holiday to the morning. Make sure mom feels special all day long by planning something sweet for dinner, like fancy appetizers! A colorful charcuterie board, fit with fine cheeses, flowers, nuts, and of course, pâté, is sure to do the trick!

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