It is time for outdoor activities. One of the simplest and funnest ways to eat outside, and  spend time with friends and family is to go for a picnic!. You can take it to the next level with sophisticated and delicious Alexian Pâté.

There are many ways of doing a good pâté snack pack. For instance, making pâté toasts. First, choose your favorite Alexian Pâté, put it on top of the bread, add some cheese or veggies and… voila! it is ready to go!

Another option is  creating a delicious cheese platter and Alexian Pâté. To prepare, cut  pâté and a variety of cheeses in cubes. They are both a great combination to enjoy. 

If you are a fan of dipping Alexian,  carrot and celery sticks, or  tortilla chips  are the chosen snacks. We suggest some fresh options such as our Tomato Basil, with vegetable sticks.