Pâté: The Perfect Appetizer for Valentine's Day

It’s no secret that the key to anyone’s heart is food— and this is especially true on Valentine’s Day.

For some couples (or anything in-between), this means going out to a fancy restaurant and ordering a lavish five-course dinner. However, for others, a quiet night in with creative cocktails, delicious snacks, and a good Netflix binge is what it’s all about.

If the latter is more your speed, consider these four savory pâté-tizers that will show off your cooking skills this Valentine’s Day.

Brie and Fig Crostini

Not only is our Brie and Fig Crostini recipe creamy, smooth and delicate in flavor, it’s also incredibly simple. Slice brie and warm in a pan for a few seconds until just before it melts. Top crostini with brie slices. Then, add a layer of Duck Rillette, which has been brought to room temperature. Top with freshly sliced figs or fig jam. Voila!

Cilantro Tomato Bruschetta

Dice tomatoes and cilantro together and mix with salt and pepper. Then, dice up your choice of any of our coarse cut pâtés (we recommend our Herb de Provence or our Wild Forest Mushroom). Mix the pâté with the tomato mixture, top the bread to serve, and watch your partner swoon over their gourmet appetizer.

French Picnic Spread

If you’re looking to make a romantic statement to a new beau — without looking like a 5-stage clinger — our French Picnic Spread is just the thing.

For this, you will absolutely need: pâté (of your choosing); fresh, crusty bread; cornichons; good cheese; cured meat; and, naturally, some wine. Feel free to incorporate some fresh fruit and a little honey for the cheese, too. Oh, and pro tip: Dress the table with a gingham cloth for a final touch!

3-Ingredient Cracker Bites

Feeling extra low-key this Valentine’s Day? Don’t fret: Our 3-Ingredient Cracker Bites recipes are here to help.

Our Black Peppercorn Mousse goes perfectly with caramelized onions and a mild smoked gouda, while smoked cheddar complements the bold flavors of our classic Chicken Liver Mousse. Another great combination is any of our vegan or vegetable varieties paired with creamy hummus and crunchy cucumbers. Yum!