Ah, the humble cracker.

Often salty and crispy, crackers are the ultimate snack food whether you’re busy on the go, or simply lounging at home. They’re also severely underrated.

But not anymore.

We here at Alexian proudly consider ourselves cracker enthusiasts (read: lovers). In fact, we love crackers so much that we’ve decided to write an entire article about them to finally give them the praise they deserve.

Here, we break down our top four reasons why we believe crackers deserve way more hype.

They’re Delicious

Simply put, crackers are delectable bite-sized vessels of happiness. Take, for instance, our Rosemary & Olive Oil Crackers. Featuring a hint of olive oil, a touch of sea salt, sprinkled with rosemary, and baked to a precise degree of crispness, these are a wonderfully tasty addition to every kitchen pantry. But be warned: Weekly restocking might be necessary!

They’re the Perfect Accompaniment

Utterly complementary to any partner, crackers are the perfect choice to enjoy solo or crowned with cheese, pâté, figs, or whatever your taste buds are craving. Looking to get real fancy with it? We suggest pairing smoked cheddar, our classic New York deli-style Chicken Liver pâté, and any one of our crackers for a savory taste of brunch.

They’re Healthy…

Well… at least in comparison to that chocolate chip cookie you’ve been eyeing. In keeping with Alexian’s commitment to high-quality products, all of our crackers are made with four simple ingredients and nothing artificial. They are also Non-GMO Project Verified, Vegan Certified, and Kosher. Take that, chocolate chip cookie.

They’re Portable

Whether you’re a mom who needs an on-the-go option or you’re a student who is suddenly starving in the middle of a lecture, crackers are a great portable snack to fuel up on, especially when eaten with a few slices of your favorite hard cheese. Plus, they help crush those salty, crunchy cravings! So, next time you’re on the go, skip the waist-busting fast food and reach into your stash of cheese and crackers that will keep you full and energized throughout the day.

Best snack ever? We think so.