Peeling back the curtain on our new packaging!

Starting this month, Alexian’s beloved pâté will be hitting shelves nationwide with a fresh new look. The recipe and cut of each slice remains the same, but all of our product packaging will be a little more colorful. As Alexian’s President, Alexandra Groezinger, puts it: “We needed a refresh and a rejuvenation!” Here’s a peek behind the curtain:

A New Era

When restaurants closed during the pandemic, consumers began expanding their palates at home. This led new demographics to charcuterie and pâté, particularly younger Millennials and Gen Z. The “girl dinner” trend and Tik Tok’s dinner party craze mark the beginning of a new era for pâté. “The audience is younger and more adventurous, and from many different socioeconomic backgrounds. We are so excited that the pâté love is spreading!” says Groezinger.

Behind the Design

To reflect our new position in the modern world, we’ve redesigned our packaging to be warm and inviting, with a slightly more playful feel than the original design. The pictured ingredients tie back to our all-natural, wholesome recipes. The vertical center stripe draws the eye and confidently frames the main event: our time-tested pâté. We’ve also improved visibility on the fact that our pâté is free from preservatives and anything artificial, and is free from added hormones and antibiotics.

Key Colors

One of the many joys of Alexian is discovering your favorite flavor among our wide-ranging collection. With our new color palette, it’s even easier to pick your go-to off the shelf. Our classic spreadable mousse pâtés are packed in the signature Alexian Butternut Squash color. Coarse cut pâté is indicated in a deep Merlot, an homage to one of our favorite wines to pair with. Fresh Herb Green of course frames our fresh vegetable-based pâtés, and our totally vegan options are identifiable by a rich Roasted Tomato color.

We’re so excited to introduce Alexian to a new generation of pâté lovers, charcuterie fans, party hosts, and more. If it’s your first time trying Alexian, we’d love to hear about it! Tag us @alexian_pate on Instagram to join the fun.