5 Women Who Changed the Food Industry


Alexian Pâté is a woman-owned company, so we take pride in celebrating the accomplishments of women everywhere. From Cat Cora to Julia Child, there are so many women who have completely changed the landscape of the food industry. Though we wish we could write about them all, here are just a few of the incredible people we’re honoring this Women’s History Month. 

Buwei Yang Chao

Born in China in the late 1800s, Buwei moved to Massachusetts when her husband, Yuen Ren Chao, was hired to teach Chinese at Harvard. With translation help from her daughter and husband, Buwei wrote the book, “How To Cook and Eat in Chinese.” For most Americans at that time, the book was their first-ever introduction to Chinese cooking. Buwei also coined the terms “pot sticker” and “stir fry,” so if you enjoy either of those, you’ve got her to thank!

Eugénie Brazier

Brazier was a French chef in the early 1900s. She worked on Lyon farms for much of her youth. When she became a single mother at age 19, she sought cooking jobs in order to provide for her son. Brazier quickly made a name for herself among the upper-class set of Lyon. She went on to open several restaurants, and was the first person to be awarded six Michelin stars. Her approach to cooking simplified many traditional techniques, and she is now recognized as a pillar of modern French gastronomy. 

Edna Lewis

Lewis was born in 1916 and raised in Freetown, Virginia, a community established by emancipated slaves. Her work on Roosevelt’s presidential campaign landed her in New York City, where she was something of a socialite among bohemians, known for her incredible dinner parties. She worked as a chef at Café Nicholson, serving dishes inspired by the Southern cuisine she’d grown up with. Lewis went on to write several cookbooks, including “The Taste of Country Cooking.” She is heralded as an early champion of Southern-style cooking. 

Alice Waters

Waters is a chef, author, and activist known for popularizing the organic food movement and creating the farm-to-table model. After opening her restaurant, Chez Panisse, in 1971, Waters struggled with acquiring high-quality ingredients. She found that the solution lay in building relationships with local farmers and educating people about organic practices. To this day, she remains active in the cause for sustainable living.

Cristeta Comerford

Comerford is the current White House Executive chef, a position she has held since 2005. Born in the Philippines, she is both the first woman and person of Asian origin to hold the post. Her tenure has spanned four presidential administrations and countless diplomatic state dinners. She also worked with Michelle Obama on Obama’s “Let’s Move,” initiative to promote healthy eating and living.

Tips on How Couples Can Share the Kitchen

Ah, the kitchen. For some, a place of inspiration, nourishment, and joy. For others, the oft-avoided holding place of an eternal pile of dishes. Whatever your relationship to the kitchen, it cannot be avoided. Food must be cooked, meals must be eaten, and your takeout budget can only stretch so far. 

These realities of life are further complicated when you move in with a partner. Sharing responsibilities– and sharing the space– can be hard to navigate at first. Luckily, Alexian is here to help you traverse these tricky waters. Whether you’ve started a new relationship, just signed a joint-lease, or are #WorkingOnUrself right now, these tips will help you share the kitchen without drama and see cooking as a joyous occasion.

1. Ask the important questions

When you make your weekly chore chart with your boo, consider this: Who actually likes to cook? If one of you is a kitchen wizard and the other is more of a boxed mac n’ cheese chef, divide tasks in a way that reflects this. Maybe the chef-in-residence does most of the cooking, while the other tidies the house and does laundry! If both of you are gourmet pâtissiers, congratulations. Collect $200 and move on to step two. 

2. Yes, chef!

Though cooking a meal together may seem like a total rom com moment, it can turn into a drama quickly if it’s not clear who’s doing what! Take a note from professional kitchens, where everyone has a clear and predetermined role. Assign one person to prep (chopping, shucking, measuring, etc.) and the other to the more active roles of mixing, seasoning, stirring, and frying. The latter is under a bit more pressure, so allow them to give directions. Affirmations of “yes, chef,” are never required, but always appreciated!

3. No backseat cooking!

If you’ve been cooking since childhood and your partner is just now learning, you may be tempted to peer over their shoulder and make suggestions. But cooking can be a vulnerable thing, and your helpful tips may be interpreted as judgments. Instead, give your partner the space and trust to learn on their own. Offer support by suggesting simple, beginner-level recipes, or making them an appetizer and cocktail to enjoy while they grill their first quesadilla. And if your dearest is thisclose to ruining the cast iron, it’s okay to gently course-correct. Just remember to note your appreciation before sharing advice!

4. What about breakfast? 

This article has been mainly dinner-focused, and that’s not even the most important meal of the day! Luckily, this one’s simple. If you and your partner tend to share breakfasts and lunches together, the rules above still apply. If you’re on your own schedules, just remember to clean up right after cooking. Though a plate in the sink may not seem like a big deal, the late luncher’s annoyance may pile up! 

Let us know on social media how you share the kitchen! And if you’re excited to get cooking but not sure where to start, browse the many recipes and serving suggestions we have right here at Alexian Pâté. Bon appétit! 

Beyond the Potluck: 5 Creative Concepts for Your Next Dinner Party

Dinner parties are a great way to gather community and stay connected during the winter months. Friends getting together, home-cooked meals, and not leaving your house: it’s a perfect event to begin with. But we’ve got a few creative ideas on how to add an extra layer of fun to the next dinner party you throw. And no, it’s not just by serving Alexian Pâté.

Bring A Friend No One Else Knows

We first stumbled across this idea via @right.eye.studios on TikTok, and we LOVE the sound of it. On your invitation, indicate that guests should bring a friend no one else in the group would know. Think coworkers, pals from volunteering, and neighbors. There will be plenty of fresh faces at the event, which will encourage mingling! Remember that nervous excitement you used to have on the first day of school? This is that, all grown up.

Easy-Mode Mystery Party

Everyone loves a mystery party, and with the release of the latest Knives Out movie, they’re more popular than ever! However, setting up a mystery requires prep work, and you’re already busy enough with cooking and hosting. Try this easy-mode mystery method instead: Encourage guests to come dressed as classic mystery characters. Between Clue, Glass Onion, and Enola Holmes, they’ll have plenty of inspiration. Then, write down a few kinda-difficult questions and place them in a small bowl. Make sure the questions are tougher than trivia, but not rocket science. Kick off the evening with one question, and have your guests try to figure out the answer in character and without Google. As the night goes on, guests can draw more questions at-will and consult the knowledge-keeper (AKA you) for hints!

Indoor Picnic

This idea comes from @hanselkai, the Tik Tok dinner party queen. If your home is too small for a large dinner table, lean into the bohemian vibes and throw a picnic party! Clear furniture from the center of your space and throw down a gingham blanket or sheet– any thrift store will have one. Add a bright bouquet for a centerpiece and arrange pillows and clean towels as seating. Serve a menu of sweet but hearty picnic fare: mini cheese plates, pâté sliders, and fruit. With this springtime setup, you can escape winter, if just for an evening.

Micro-Gallery Opening

If you’re part of an artistic friend group, this one’s for you! Send your friends a formal invitation to submit their work for display at a “local micro-gallery.” About a week before the party, gather your talented pals’ paintings, drawings, collages, sculptures, and writing. Display everything around your apartment in cheap frames and write small labels interpreting their work. On the big night, set up a few food stations serving charcuterie, hors d’œuvres, and of course, champagne. Your friends will have an incredible night of mingling, snacking, and affirming each other’s artistic achievements. Bonus points for if you set up a corner for live poetry readings!

Dinner and a Movie

This one may be obvious, but our list wouldn’t be complete without it. Invite your friend or boo over for an intimate, one-night-only restaurant opening, AKA: Your living room. Cook something simple, but go all out with the decor. Adorn your little bistro table or nightstand with a nice tablecloth, splurge on an adorable vase, break out the fancy wine glasses, and offer a handwritten menu. With some mood lighting and a Parisian soundtrack, this setup rivals a busy restaurant any day. And of course, cap the night with a movie of your date’s choice. They don’t have that at Lombardi’s!

5 Mouthwatering Holiday Appetizers – with Pâté!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And for hosts, caterers, and heads-of-house, it’s also the busiest time of the year. Seasoned party planners already have their main courses picked out, but how to start the meal?

Versatile, spreadable, and downright delicious, pâté is a great base for many exquisite appetizers. Here are Alexian’s suggestions on small bites sure to win over the crowd.

Via Fox and Briar

Via Blue Walnut Culinary

Pomegranate and Goat Cheese Pâté Bites

Flavorful and easy to make, these savory-sweet bites also feature dazzling holiday colors. To make, fill phyllo shells with your favorite goat cheese. Top with any Alexian pâté and garnish with pomegranate arils, honey, and fresh thyme.

Savory Pâté Puffs

Didn’t use up all your thyme from the previous recipe? Use some of those same ingredients for this yummy umami-forward snack! Fill puff pastries with mushrooms, caramelized onion, thyme, and pâté, then bake according to the instructions on your pastry box. 

Baby Bella Pâté Poppers

Okay, we’ll take a break from waxing poetic about puff pastry and shine the spotlight on pâté’s other best friend: tender, tasty mushrooms. Stuff some baby bellas with pâté, season, and bake on an oiled pan until the mushrooms are slightly browned. Cool for a few minutes, then top with cream cheese. 

 Mushroom Pâté Bruschetta

You can’t go wrong with bruschetta. Toast several baguette slices for the base, then brush with olive oil and top with minced garlic. In a separate bowl, mix pâté, mushrooms, chopped shallots, diced tomatoes, salt, and a dash of red pepper. Spread the goodness on your baguette slices, and top with even more of that thyme from the previous recipes.

Charcuterie Cups

Everyone loves a good charcuterie board, which is why the appetizer table can get so crowded! For big parties with lots of mingling, consider charcuterie cups. Fill clear plastic wine tumblers with your favorite charcuterie elements for an on-the-go delight. Our suggestion? Almonds or mixed nuts, cheese twists, brie, blackberries, mint or rosemary for garnish, and of course, pâté. Still have some thyme left? Well go ahead and throw some of that in as well????

The Duo: Alexian Mousse and Blinis


We have the perfect pairing for you to snack on.  Alexian Mousse on blinis are that sudden and delightful bite. In addition to the Alexian products you already know, we want to bring a delicious tip with blinis, which are an Eastern European mini pancake traditionally made from wheat or buckwheat flour, and served with several garnishes. Blini is one of the most-eaten dishes in this side of Europe, and we are introducing to you as the perfect match with our Alexian Mousse. Together they can be served on a variety of occasions since they are  great and tasty appetizers.

 Chicken Liver Mousse on Blinis:

This original duo will not  take more than a few minutes to prepare. Simply spread a generous portion of Alexian’s Chicken Liver Mousse over some blinis,  and top with strawberry or grape jam.

The Chicken Liver Mousse’s savory flavor is  perfect for  the sweetness of the jam. You may also slice some pickled grapes in half, and place on the pâté as a topping. 

Truffle Mousse on Blinis:

For this flavorsome combination, you need cherry tomatoes cut in half.  Spread Alexian’s Truffle Mousse on the blinis,  and top with cherry tomatoes for a sensational degustation. The rich Truffle Mousse flavor is much for  each bite.

Duck Liver and Pork Mousse with Cognac 

Boasting a sophisticated flavor profile, Alexian award-winning pâté  is the fresh, natural and definitively delicious option for a pairing. For this match we spread Duck Liver and Pork Mousse with Cognac on the blinis, and we enhance the plate with pear slices and celery sticks. 

Enjoy with a glass of wine!

Picnics with Pâté!

It is time for outdoor activities. One of the simplest and funnest ways to eat outside, and  spend time with friends and family is to go for a picnic!. You can take it to the next level with sophisticated and delicious Alexian Pâté.

There are many ways of doing a good pâté snack pack. For instance, making pâté toasts. First, choose your favorite Alexian Pâté, put it on top of the bread, add some cheese or veggies and… voila! it is ready to go!

Another option is  creating a delicious cheese platter and Alexian Pâté. To prepare, cut  pâté and a variety of cheeses in cubes. They are both a great combination to enjoy. 

If you are a fan of dipping Alexian,  carrot and celery sticks, or  tortilla chips  are the chosen snacks. We suggest some fresh options such as our Tomato Basil, with vegetable sticks.

Pâté Fans Share their Favorite Breakfast Recipes

We always say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, why not start with a delicious Alexian Pâté. Here are 3 breakfast recipes shared by Alexian Pâté lovers.

1. Pâté on a bagel

By Michelle, Jersey City, New Jersey

Toast the bagel of your choice lightly before spreading any of our mousses on top. We recommend Duck Liver and Pork Mousse with Cognac or Truffle Mousse. Add the sliced tomatoes and cucumber on top, then season with salt and pepper. It makes a wonderful breakfast or lunch!

2. Pâté Omelet

By Jennifer, Torrance, California 


We suggest using coarse pâtés sliced and cubed for omelets. Our Chicken and Veal Pâté is particularly tasty and will give any omelet a distinct flavor.
For best results when making omelets, we recommend using a non-stick pan.  Since omelets tend to cook quickly, it is recommended to prepare your ingredients ahead of time so they are ready to be folded in when the eggs begin to set. Top your ingredients with your favorite cheese, fold egg over, and enjoy!

3. Pâté Crêpe

By Alex, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Before you start cooking, grease your flat grill or skillet.

Using a hand mixer, combine all of the ingredients into a smooth batter. Pour onto the grill or skillet and heat for one minute on each side, or until desired crispness is achieved. For a savory crepe, spreadon a thin layer of one of our creamy mousses.  For a more filling meal, layer our Truffle Mousse with shredded chicken, asparagus and roasted tomatoes.

Easy and Colorful Spring Cheese Board

Let’s face it: Spring calls for more snacks in the park and less stressful cookin’ in the kitchen. Enter our easy and colorful Spring cheese board. Here’s everything you need to know to craft one and celebrate the season.

Your (Simple) Guide to an Easy and Colorful Spring Cheese Board

First thing’s first: You must add color. No exceptions. Be sure to set aside foods like strawberries, blueberries, green grapes— you get the idea.

As to how to go about actually creating the board, here’s the rundown. Begin by piling up the savory goods. This includes everything from your favorite cheeses, meats, and pâtés. Add any spreads— like jams and honey— around the board. Afterward, you can add the berries and nuts to fill in all the empty spaces. Best of all, these little guys will also give a beautiful pop of color to the presentation.

At the very end, surround the board with fresh crackers and baguette slices. And just like that, you’ve got yourself a successful Spring cheese board!


Women’s History Month: Celebrating with Alexian

March is Women’s History Month– honoring and encouraging the study, observance, and celebration of women in American history. And this Women’s History Month, we’re taking a look inward, at Alexian’s leadership.

Alexian is a Women Owned Business— certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), and is family owned too! Laurie founded the business with her husband and has guided the business through decades of triumphs and challenges. With Alexandra now at the helm serving as the second generation President, the mother-daughter duo are celebrating the company’s next chapter and 40th anniversary!

“We’re thrilled to have come so far,” Alexandra told us. “Our company was started by my father, Ewald Groezinger, in 1982. Although our company turns 40 years old this year, its heritage and recipes are much older than that— and we can’t wait to continue on for another 40 more years.”

Laurie added, “Even after 40 years, we still love what we do. We take great pride and care in making our products and upholding our family’s legacy.”

A Little More About Alexian Pâté

All Natural

Alexian has always made a commitment to preparing pâtés and mousses with high quality ingredients that you know and love. We sacrifice nothing but the unpleasantries of preservatives, additives and unnecessary fillers.

Animal Welfare

All meats are sourced from carefully selected vendors who certify that their breeding and raising practices are humane and sensitive to the health and well being of their stock. Depending on the species these practices will include: No administration of antibiotics or growth stimulants; a vegetarian fed diet; , minimal confinement appropriate to healthy growth and safety of the species.

Community Welfare

In addition to Feeding the Hungry in our local community, Alexian is a regular contributor to Food Banks and other nonprofits throughout the USA.

Conservation Practices

Alexian pâtés are packaged in printed cardboard sleeves that carry the seals of the Forest Stewardship Council®, certifying that the sourcing of materials promotes responsible forest management to support local communities. The corrugated cartons used to ship Alexian products are made from recycled materials and printed with water based inks.

No Shortcuts

We consistently deliver high quality products, while providing outstanding customer service. Rather than seeking short term gains, we have adopted a long term perspective in the way we conduct our business.

The Perfect Valentine Pre-Dinner Bite: Pâté with Toast

One of life’s greatest indulgences? Toppings on bread.

Simple and delicious, paté with toast is one of the most underrated snacks around. Incredibly flavorful— and easy to whip up— it’s a snack that’s sure to please family and friends alike. Oh, and did we mention lovers, too?

Yes, that’s right: This Valentine’s Day, it’s all about keeping it low-key and chill— and that means when it comes to cooking, too. Whether you’re having a juicy steak for dinner, premium pasta, or ordering in, pâté with toast is the perfect pre-dinner bite to get your belly rumbling for more.

Here’s a few recipes you can start off with.

Balsamic Bruschetta

Slice and lightly toast a baguette. Spread a thin layer of our Tomato-Basil Vegan Pâté onto each of the slices and set aside. Combine diced tomatoes and roughly chopped basil in a small bowl. Stir in balsamic vinegar until all pieces are evenly coated. Spoon the mixture onto each slice, and top with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese or fresh, sliced mozzarella. Yum!

Mushroom Bites

As versatile as they are filling, mushrooms are a must-have in the kitchen. To make this delicious toast, simply sauté a few of your favorite mushrooms with sliced onion. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Spread a generous helping of our Black Peppercorn Mousse Pâté onto a toasty baguette, top with the sautéed vegetables, and enjoy!

Fruity Delights

Start with a fresh, lightly toasted baguette. Next, place a moderate layer of peach preserves, followed by a generous layer of Grand Marnier or Pheasant & Rosemary.
Top with a handful of fresh arugula and just a sprinkle of freshly cracked black pepper. Leave it open faced or top it with another piece of baguette. Voila!