And why pâté is an essential element…

If your Tik Tok algorithm has pegged you as a food lover, it’s likely you’ve already heard of girl dinner. If you’re not a big scroller – don’t worry, we’ll catch you up. “Girl dinner” is a term coined by Tik Tokker Olivia Maher. It describes the phenomenon of young women creating a meal out of, essentially, whatever’s around. Often, these dinners take the shape of makeshift charcuterie boards, complete with fruit, crackers, greens, and other munchies. Bread and cheese are a must, giving girl dinner a distinctly English peasant quality. Maher anticipated this association, and composed an original medieval-sounding jingle to accompany the nearly three-thousand videos made about this trend.

Girl dinner videos tend to accrue at least a thousand likes each, and total views are nearing several million. While the trend has certainly struck a chord with Gen Z, it has also been criticized for encouraging unbalanced meals. Nutritionist Kathrine Kofoed advised that people can enjoy their girl dinner and a well-rounded plate by focusing on the five senses of taste – sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami. If your plate includes something serving each of these senses, you’re likely to strike upon a diverse array of vitamins and nutrients. 

Interested in trying out girl dinner for yourself, but having a hard time finding the perfect balance? Adding Alexian pâté can bring plenty of flavor and nutritional value to your plate. Black Peppercorn Mousse or Pâté de Campagne serve as a great “main” in a course of “minis,” and having a few slices on hand can help you indulge in girl dinner at whim. If you prefer girl dinners to be lighter and more vegetable- based, Tomato Basil Vegan Pâté will add a pop of color to your dish, while a slice of Vegetable Pate brings a delightful blend of savory sweetness to any palate. 

 Serving your own girl dinner soon? Make sure to add some pâté to your plate, and send a video of the final result to @alexian_pate on Instagram or Tik Tok!