Pâté is roughly translated from the French to mean something like a “paste” or a coarse mixture.  It is traditionally a mixture of ground meats and fat to which liquor and savory herbs and spices are added.  The mixture is then baked in a loaf called a “terrine”, affectionately named after the container in which it is baked.

These words are often used interchangeably to refer to pâté.  The word pâté is used today to describe this overall general category of food.  However, some use the word pâté to describe a coarser grind, country-style pâté.

Mousse describes a pâté that is characterized by its smooth, creamy, spreadable texture.  Terrines historically describe the earthenware or plastic container in which the pâté is baked, but many use the words terrine and pâté interchangeably to describe the category.

We do not recommend it. Much of the outcome of freezing depends on the rate at which the food is frozen and the duration of storage time at freezing temperature. The faster the food is frozen and the shorter the duration, the lesser the effect on taste and texture. In the process of freezing, ice crystals are formed which expands the fiber of meat and other ingredients which most definitely affects texture. It should also be noted that, even if the food is vacuum packaged in film, the packaging will expand which usually results in the appearance of a product that has exceeded its shelf life and is “bloated’ by bacterial growth.

Alexian’s unique packaging solutions reflect our leadership in the pate category as well as our belief that packaging is an effective sales tool in and of itself.

Alexian was the first to offers pates in pre-packaged slices that not only stimulate appetite appeal, but also minimizes staff handling. That contributes to less waste and reduces food-handling risks at the same time.

Our 5oz. packaging slices are valued by many of our retail partners because the smaller size increases the probability of trial by new customers and the likelihood of increased frequency of use. Plus, smaller sized packaging offers you added versatility for merchandising in the case or on the shelf.

Certainly there are!
Of 7 products in the Alexian vegetable and vegan category the average calorie value is 51 calories per 2 oz. serving. Earthy Mushroom Vegan leads the pack in lowest caloric value of 25 gms per serving!

The other average values are as follows:

FAT 2 gms CARBS 5 gms SUGAR 2 gms PROTEIN 4 gms

Alexian Three Layer Vegetable, Tomato Basil and Earthy Mushroom pâtés all qualify as




containing less than 3 gms and 20 mgs respectively. In the Meat category of pâtés the values are somewhat different with the caloric, fat, and cholesterol values being generally much higher. That is to say an average of 222 calories, 20 gms of fat, and 88 gms of cholesterol per serving. And this is why, you might guess, that pâté tastes so good! As they say in Europe “The fat carries the flavor” and, it is now believed that it is the fat that promotes appetite satiation.

As a general rule of thumb the spreadable mousses are higher in caloric value than the coarse cuts, and the Chicken pâtés are lower in caloric value than the other meat pâtés. For example, Alexian Chicken Ballotine has 12 gms of protein per serving and, only 5 gms of fat.

The other average values:

CARBS 2 gms SUGAR 1 gm PROTEIN 6 gms


With regard to sodium content, all the pâtés in both the meat and vegetable category have an average sodium content of 240 mgs per serving. (Low Sodium is 140 mgs per serving) The nutritional values of every Alexian pâté are printed on the pre-packaged slice and mini terrine packages. We also have this info available for reference in tabular format, which is available on request.

In conclusion, when you must address the nutritional values of a serving of Alexian pâté with your customers, we would like to suggest that the benefit to the tastebuds and to the soul probably will outweigh any perceived risks to health; especially since it is not a food that is eaten on a daily basis.

After opening the package, we recommend consuming the pâté within 5-7 days.

Each slice of Alexian Pâté is stamped with a sell-by date on the back of the package.  We suggest consuming it within 5-7 days of the sell-by date listed.

Alexian pâtés should always be stored in the refrigerator.  Once opened, we recommend removing the pâté from the original packaging and wrapping it tightly in plastic wrap.  Then place it into an airtight resealable plastic bag to keep it fresh.

We do not recommend freezing our pâté, as we have found that it compromises both the flavor and the texture.  It is best enjoyed fresh, not frozen.

Alexian pâtés do not contain foie gras.  The term “foie gras” is duck or goose liver which has been specially fattened.  We source livers which have not been specially fattened.

All Alexian pâtés are inherently gluten free, with the exception of our vegan selections: Earthy Mushroom Vegan, our Curry & Bell Pepper Vegan, and our Tomato Basil Vegan.

Our Mixed Vegetable, Mushroom Artichoke, and Eggplant with Goat Cheese pâtés are not considered vegetarian options, as they do contain a meat-based gelatin which aids in binding the product together.  We do however, make 3 vegan pâtés which do not contain any animal products: Earthy Mushroom, Tomato Basil, and Curry Bell Pepper.

Yes! The following are pork-free: Duck Rillette, Chicken & Veal, Chicken Liver Mousse, Herb de Provence, Chicken Ballotine, Mixed Vegetable, Eggplant with Goat cheese, Mushroom and Artichoke, Earthy Mushroom Vegan, Tomato Basil Vegan, and Curry & Bell Pepper Vegan.

Yes! The following are dairy-free: Pâté de Campagne, Duck Rillette, Grand Marnier, Pheasant & Rosemary, Wild Forest Mushroom, Earthy Mushroom Vegan, Tomato Basil Vegan, Curry & Bell Pepper Vegan.

No, we purchase all of our meats from carefully-selected vendors.

Yes!  Each farm and ranch from which we purchase our meat ingredients, certifies that its animals are treated humanely, live comfortably and live stress-free.  They have access to the outdoors to roam freely as weather permits; they live in minimal confinement and have adequate space to move and perform the functions natural to their species; they have access to food and water and protection from the elements; and their diet is balanced with the proper nutrients and is free from any animal by-product.

Yes!  The vendors from which we source the meats used in our pâtés, certify that they are free from added hormones and antibiotics.

Animals are fed a vegetarian diet, free from any animal fat or animal by-products.  Their balanced diet is chosen by a nutritionist and is typically grain-based and enriched with the vitamins and nutrients that the species needs during its lifetime.

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