Sparkling wines like champagne and prosecco aren’t just festive— they also go extremely well with pâté. Especially in April when it’s all about Spring, warm weather, and…. well, drinking. Below, we unveil our top 5 champagne and pâté pairings.

Light Dry Champagne + Herb de Provence Pâté

Crisp and wonderfully fizzy, light dry champagnes pair well with herbypâtés, like our Herb de Provence recipe. This snack or light brunch is perfect for enjoying outside in the garden with friends and loved ones, or for a small and casual anniversary bite with your beau.

Medium to Full-Bodied Champagne + Wild Forest Mushroom Pâté

Rich and bursting with flavors, medium to full-bodied champagnes are not for the light of heart (or faint of stomach). Think: Alfred Gratien, Gosset, Henriot, J. Sélosse, Ruinart, Veuve Clicquot, and Ponsardin. If you’re opting for any of these bubblies, we suggest pairing them with our Wild Forest Mushroom Pâté, which is also jam-packed with flavor.

Brut Champagne + Truffle Mousse Pâté

There’s something about brut champagne that makes it feel even more decadent than regular champagne. And what better pair for decadence than a succulent Truffle Mousse Pâté? Savory and satisfying at once, this pairing is ideal for a girls night or me-time.

Mimosas + Vegetable Pâté

Craving a mimosa and light snack? Turn to Wycliff California Champagne and Lunetta prosecco and any of our Vegetable Pâtés. If you want to host— or gift yourself— a full-on brunch, try goat cheese sandwiches, topped with slices of pâté and cucumber (or potato chips) for a satisfying crunch.

Moët & Chandon + Any of Our Pâtés

Because if you’re drinking Moët & Chandon, you deserve it all.