Picture this: it’s a Sunday morning, and you’ve just thrown the party of the year. Good times were had by all, and the snacks and entrées you served were very much enjoyed. Still, it seems everyone was too busy having fun to fully finish their plates, and you’ve been left with a countertop full of leftovers. Namely: charcuterie. 

It’s a pretty good problem to have, but it still requires a solution! Here are our favorite ways to transform yesterday’s snacks into something delicious.

Loaded Quiche
Perhaps the most versatile of all breakfast dishes, quiche is the ideal canvas for your leftover meats and cheeses. Simply tear up or crumble meat into small pieces and mix in the cheese along with your milk and eggs for a fully flavorful morning!

Oven-Baked Sandwich
There’s hardly a pairing that can’t be united by bacon. With yesterday’s board, create a delicious oven-baked sandwich. First, assemble the sandwich with plenty of cheese and bacon, then bake at 350º F until the bread is optimally golden. Garnish with leftover pickles and greens!

Charcuterie Salad
After a long night of hosting, you probably want some quick and easy meals to recover. Charcuterie salad is a great go-to: simply toss your leftovers (including nuts and berries!) with a neutral green like spinach or arugula. Dress with a very simple vinaigrette, and that’s lunch!

Bonus Tips

  • Make a martini with leftover olives!
  • Prosciutto + cantaloupe = sweet and salty match made in heaven!
  • Did you know: most cheese keeps in the freezer for up to six months! To thaw, leave it in the refrigerator for two days or until it reaches the desired texture.