First, let’s settle a matter of debate: while similar in appearance, open-faced sandwiches are not breakfast toasts. As the name would suggest, breakfast toasts are usually composed of breakfast foods. Think eggs, avocado, and bacon. Likewise, tartines are their own dish too, commonly featuring a simple combo of bread and preserves. 

When we say “open-faced sandwich” we’re talking about a meal in a league of its own. Substantial, savory, and packed with delicious, elevated ingredients you won’t find on just any old sandwich – like pâté! Of course, defining the ideal sandwich is subjective, but if you follow these five easy steps, we guarantee you’ll get pretty darn close to your personal “perfect”. 

  1. Get Bready: Sourdough, pumpernickel, rye… whatever you do, don’t skimp on the bread. Select a slice of your favorite loaf, then lightly butter it before toasting. You don’t want it too crunchy – just warmed and a little crispy to the bite.
  2. Pick Your Base: A sandwich is usually identified by its main protein, and open-faced pâté sandwiches are no exception. For a heartier build, select a coarse-cut pâté. If you prefer smoother textures, a mousse is for you. It’s hard to go wrong with your choice of pâté, but for sandwiches we especially recommend Black Peppercorn, Wild Forest Mushroom, Grand Marnier, and Pheasant Rosemary
  3. It’s Easy Being Green: This one’s simple. For extra texture and vitamins, add a layer of greens – leafy or otherwise! Lettuce, spinach, or kale will provide full “sammie” coverage, while cucumbers and cornichons add a bit of crunch. 
  4. Don’t Forget The Cheese: All meals can be categorized two ways: those with cheese, and those without. At Alexian, we prefer the first option. Brie is a neutral yet decadent addition to any sandwich, while aged sharp cheddars pair well with certain meats. Pro tip: taste test your recipe by nibbling a bit of your cheese and meat together. As the two most flavorful ingredients, it’s important to get their proportions right!
  5. An Element of Surprise: It wouldn’t be a fancy sandwich without a little something extra on top! Pomegranate seeds, tangerine wedges, or apple slices will add a zip of sweetness and ensure that no two bites in your perfect sandwich are the same!

And remember – don’t gate-keep good food! If you make a perfect open-faced pâté sandwich, remember to share it with us on social media at @alexian_pate.