It’s football season and you know what that means: Beer. Rules. All.

While there’s only a handful of ways to drink a beer, there are limitless options for how you can throw a beer party to remember. Here’s a handy checklist that will cover the basics you’ll need. Cheers!

There are thousands of craft beers currently in circulation across the US.  Seasonal beers or IPAs are an excellent choice for Fall gatherings, especially if purchased from a local brewery.Pumpkin lagers or Oktoberfest beers are also a fun seasonal addition that will be sure to win over the party. 

It’s important to remember that beer parties aren’t just about… well, beer

Presentation is key. Toss out the red solo cups and opt for 16-ounce growlers or Hefeweizen glasses. If you want to channel Oktoberfest, you can’t go wrong with boot-shaped glasses (but maybe don’t fill them up all the way). 

While decorations aren’t too big of a deal when the beer is stealing the show, Fall decor of some sort is a favorable option for a beer party. From haybills and pumpkins (if it’s an outdoor party), to fall wreaths and gourds, Fall decor can truly amp up the spirit of your beer-estivities.

Food is important to all social gatherings (and plus, it’ll prevent most people from getting too rowdy from alcohol). While chips and pretzels are great for snacking, we suggest giving your party goers something a little more savory and substantial with our vast selection of pâté. While no one pâté is a better beer companion than the other, our coarse cut pâté, like our Grand Marnier and Pheasant and Rosemary Pâté, are our favorites!

Lastly, when it comes to your beer party, fun is what people are going to take away from it. 

Drinking games are a dime a dozen on the internet (or with the right deck of cards) and are easy for anybody to pick up and learn. Outdoor games, like cornhole, are also an easy to play (but never easy to win) October staple. Additionally, music set to the right playlist or station offers the perfect ambience. 

Ultimately, know your audience (if not your beer), offer up the best of snacks (wink wink pâté), and give a toast to make this year’s Autumnal beer drinking season one to remember.