While not a flavor and in direct defiance of science, food that crunches simply tastes better than food that doesn’t. Combined with our delicious pâté, crunchy foods become out of this world.

With so many crunchy treats to choose from (and because you can’t go wrong with smearing anything crunchy with pâté), we’ve compiled a handy list in no particular order.

  • Crackers. The quintessential pâté companion; crackers are perfect for sharing, dipping, smearing påté over, and can even be combined to make a pâté sandwich. Our Alexian crackers are a quality option that come in three distinct flavors.
  • Toast. With a toaster of your own, toast has the added benefit of being both crunchy AND warm. Big enough for multiple bites, one or two pieces are all you’ll need per serving (but don’t let that stop you from having more).
  • Pretzels. Popular with peanut butter, pretzel rods make for the perfectly shaped food for smothering with pâté. In addition to the crunch, pretzels have plenty of salt to add even more bite to your snack.
  • Vegetables. Cucumbers, carrots, and celery – you name it – most vegetables go well with pâté. Who says eating healthy has to be boring?

Alexian Pâté is the perfect combination food, and when it comes to the crunch, you can get even more creative than our above list. While you’d have to classify this under an experimental suggestion, you can even try everything from thick-cut bacon to apples. The possibilities really are endless.