Shakeup your recipe routine with light pasta dishes featuring Alexian pâtés. Instead of that same old pasta salad you lean on each summer, treat yourself to a flavor boost and a real gourmet experience. Better yet, the recipes are easy! Here’s how to make them:

Lemon Garlic Truffle Pasta
The lemon’s brightness and the truffle’s complexity solidify this pasta as totally scrumptious. Using spaghetti, cook the pasta per its directions. Next, sautee onions in butter until softened, tossing in garlic til it’s fragrant. Then add the Alexian Truffle Mousse and stir until incorporated. Round it out with a splash of lemon juice, a few more minutes of cooking, and season to your liking. Then tuck in and enjoy!

Eggplant Goat Cheese Pasta Salad
Don’t get us wrong, we love pasta salad. But this recipe takes it to the next level! Cook your choice of pasta to al dente and drain. Once you’ve returned the pasta to the pot, stir in Alexian’s Eggplant and Goat Cheese Terrine. Then, add in your choice of mix-ins. We suggest spinach, tomatoes, more cheese, and a drizzle of olive oil. Simple and delish!

Creamy Black Peppercorn Pasta
Ready for a 5-star meal? Here’s how it comes together: Cook fusilli pasta to al dente, drain, and return to the pot. While the pasta cooks, coat a large pan with oil and sauté chopped bell peppers, button mushrooms, and a yellow onion until softened. Toss in a tablespoon of honey with a chopped clove of garlic, carefully cooking for a minute more. Turn off the heat and stir in the cooked pasta and our Black Peppercorn Mousse, resulting in a creamy, savory pasta dish the whole family will devour. 

Bonus Tips

  • They all taste great as leftovers! 
  • Reserve a cup of pasta water to adjust the sauce consistency.
  • Add pâtés when the pasta is still warm.
  • For best results, bring the pâtés to room temperature first.