To quote Three Dog Night: One is the loneliest numberbut not with a delicious and savory snack in front of you. 

Pâté isn’t just a snack or side, it’s an entire vibe. Not to mention, when experiencing a little bit of solitude, you’ve earned the right to enjoy yourself and indulge.

Ultimately, when snacking on pâté by yourself, there are only a few things you should know to get the most out of your experience. Luckily for you, we’ve gathered them here for your reading pleasure.

  • When it’s just you, presentation isn’t everything. Sure, if you want to practice putting together a beautiful cheese and meat board complete with pâté, then this is a good chance to go through some trial and error. But, honestly, why go through the trouble? When snacking on pâté alone you can throw presentation and even etiquette out the window. Grab a plate, a boxful of Alexian speciality crackers, and bring on the pâté so you make your snack session all about enjoying every last bite.
  • Make an adventure out of being on your own. Pâté and the best crunchy sides that go with it, are known for being portable. Plan a beautiful hike and reward your bold spirit with a savory solo picnic.
  • Experiment. Without any prying eyes (or judgemental friends) you can see just how many delicious snacks pâté goes well with. Our philosophy is “If it goes crunch, it goes with your pâté at lunch!” Rest assured, there’s plenty of food you can try for the first time with pâté that will please your palate. From cucumbers to pretzel sticks, there are plenty of foods that aren’t always included in a pâté spread that could (and should!) be. Get creative, and you might just find your new favorite combination.

Above all, remember this: the best part about solo snacking on pâté is that you don’t have to share!