Like cheese, pâté can stand alone, but uniting the two can lead to a match made in foodie heaven. 

Accordingly, we at Alexian have decided our early Holiday gift to you is drumroll, please none other than to unveil our secrets to the perfect charcuterie (read: pâté) and cheese board. Excited? You should be!

Below, we highlight our guide to a perfect charcuterie and cheese pairing.

As the name suggests, hard cheese is firm and goes perfectly well with our creamy and decadent mousse pâtés. Often savory, hard cheese can be divided into two categories: hard (such as Parmesan), and semi-hard (such as Gouda). We suggest pairing the former with Black Peppercorn, and the latter with Chicken Liver.

Conversely, when it comes to coarse cut pâtés, we suggest opting for soft cheeses. Brie is a spreadable cheese with a buttery flavor and a strong aroma, while Burrata is part of the Mozzarella family and is typically served fresh with salads, fresh tomatoes and herbs, or bread. Both are excellently paired with our coarse cut variety. 

A third place winner in our books when it comes to pairing cheese with a coarse cut? None other than Camembert. First made in France, this soft cheese made from cow’s milk is similar to Brie, but softer and more buttery, with an earthy flavor. Pro tip: It’s also best paired with red wine.

Overall, we recommend pairing boldly flavored pâtés— such as Pheasant Rosemary or Duck Liver Mousse with Cognac — with milder cheeses. And when it comes to softer-flavored pâtés, like Chicken Liver or our Vegetable varieties, we suggest opting for a strong flavored cheese of your choosing.

Here’s to happy snacking!