If you’re looking for the ultimate comfort food during the holiday season, look no further than puff pastry and pâté. Crisp, golden, and buttery pastry dough perfectly complements the rich and savory flavors of a pâté or mousse. The pairing is so good it’s hard to get it wrong, which can make it challenging to choose any one recipe to try out. We’ve organized a few of our favorite dishes from beginner-level to difficult, so you can enjoy puff + pâté no matter your kitchen abilities. Bon appétit! 

Savory Biscuits
If you’ve only got a little time on your hands but want a decadent snack, try making a savory biscuit using store-bought puff pastry rolls. Then, top with your favorite pâté or spread in the middle to make a mini-sandwich!

Holiday Pastry Cups
There are plenty of ways to get creative with scalloped pastry cups. Our rule of thumb is to include some pâté, a melty cheese, an herb, and a garnish after baking. Play around as desired, or stick with our tried and true combo: Pheasant Rosemary pâté, brie, rosemary, and pomegranate seeds!

En Croûte
A versatile and invariably delicious dish, en croûte refers to any savory stuffing encased by a puff pastry shell. Try combining a slice of pâté with goat cheese, rosemary, and mushrooms. Before baking, remember to glaze your pastry shell with butter to achieve that optimal golden hue!

Pâté Palmiers
Got a moment to bake with love? Try making palmiers! Named for their specific palm leaf shape and often presented as sweet, buttery cookies, you can also skip the sugar and bake pâté into the folds for a savory version.

Beef Wellington
Beef wellington is a top-tier treasured holiday dish, famed for its flavor and the care required to execute this show-stopping recipe. Take it to the next level by covering your beef in a thin layer of Truffle Mousse. Our full recipe is here, but cook at your own risk! It’s so good, you may have to cook it again every year after this one.