Deciding which bread to pair with pâté can be a… well, an overwhelming process. So, with the hope of helping you feel more equipped when you go to grab that lovely loaf off the grocery shelf, we carefully rounded up our top bread choices for accompanying pâté. That said, we’re not highlighting just any bread choices— instead, we’re focusing on the underrated ones. Read on below.


An Italian bread made from wheat flour, salt, yeast, and water, ciabatta is crusty, versatile, and addictively delicious. Perfect for sandwiches and paninis, it also pairs well with— yep, you guessed it— pâté.


A yeasted bread made from a starter — a fermented mixture of flour and water— sourdough is infamous for making fantastic grilled cheeses. Offering a substantial crust with a soft, chewy center and large air bubbles, this loaf is amazing when paired with our vegan selections, veggies, and French cheese.

An Italian bread typically baked flat, focaccia is similar to pizza dough, and is often flavored with rosemary and garlic. Typically coated with olive oil before baking for a delicate yet crispy crust, it’s often enjoyed on its own, but is also great for dipping in soup or serving with meat, cheese, and pâté.


A French bread made with eggs and butter, brioche is a super light bread with subtle sweetness. Its totally soft crust— and golden hue— makes for an amazing match to our pâté. Think: A soft-as-a-pillow pastry with an ever-so delightful savory touch.