The salami wine glass trick caused some buzz on Tik Tok recently, as millions of viewers learned how to create a simple salami rose by shaping it against the rim of a wine glass. Then came the inevitable pushback from charcuterie artists, asserting that the method was unnecessary and unreliable, often creating loose roses that fell apart easily. At Alexian, we’re all for any entry-level how-to which gets people more into charcuterie! If you’ve tried the rose and are hooked on salami origami, here are a few of our favorite methods to prep, shape, and serve sliced meats:

Traditional Salami Rose
To create a rose which holds shape better and has more intricate details, line a small, shallow bowl with full salami slices. Then, fill in the center with a ring of overlapping slices folded in half. 
Demo video here

Prosciutto Fans
Remember folding paper fans in school? The same basic principle applies with these oh-so-adorable prosciutto fans! Make several, and you’ve got a prosciutto river. You can also create an adorable rose bud using prosciutto, to adorn your larger roses.
Demo video here

Ham Cigars
Add some creative edge to your board by creating ham cigars. The concept here is simple, simply roll up and stack! Or, for a special treat, roll ham slices around mini bread sticks. Serve with smoked meats and whisky for a decadent, retro feel.
Demo video here

Salami River
Want to go for a flowy vibe rather than botanical? Create a salami river by stacking a series of salami pairs, folded into intricate quarters. This technique is excellent for creating a subtle boundary across your board.
Demo video here

Trying your hand at the charcuterie arts? We’d love to see! Tag us on social media @alexian_pate so we can celebrate your creations.