Refreshing summer fruits are ideal companions to pâté; they make great appetizers for summer dinners, brunches, and cookouts.

To begin, choose three or four Alexian pâtés. A smooth and creamy pâtésuch as our Chicken Liver Mousse; a country-style pâté such as our Campagne Pâté; and a vegetarian choice such as our Tomato Basil all go well together.

After you have selected your pâtés, pick up some green onions, olives, and cornichons to add to the tray. Sliced nectarines or peaches make a delicious pairing with pâtéin the summer and are a terrific way to combine sweet and savory flavors. 

Another refreshing fruit pairing is sliced strawberries, raspberries, or red currants with chicken liver mousse, or pineapple diced with Pâté de Campagne. 

To complement your meal, incorporate some sliced pita, ciabatta, or baguette along with hot mustard and celery sticks for an unforgettable meal.

Place everything on plain white serving ware to highlight the brilliant hues. Enjoy!