Easy & Elegant Appetizers

Ever heard that appetizers are usually better than the main course? Well, our delicious edit of luxurious appetizers proves that theory right.
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Holiday Platters
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Featuring the very best ingredients—namely, delicious pâté—our selection of holiday appetizers offer a polished presentation with some serious, hard-to-resist flavor. Convenient and scrumptious, these are some of the very best holiday food ideas to add to your list of appetizers this Thanksgiving, Christmas, and beyond.

Tasty and simple, these elegant appetizers work for any crowd or occasion. As sophisticated as they are flavor, our pre-dinner spreads feature high-quality ingredients like French pâté, fresh vegetables, high-end cheese, and more.

Send a celebratory signal on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or anywhere in between with any one of our small bites and delicious recipes. Perfect for family gatherings, work parties, or a Friendsgiving, these mouthwatering apps will please the pickiest of palates—and keep them coming back for more.

Fancy appetizers always steal the show during the holidays, so it’s important to step up your game this year. Visually pleasing and just the right size to eat in a bite or two,you’ll wonder how so much flavor comes in a package so small. In other words, it’s simply impossible to resist our holiday starters.

From our antipasto selections to our pate spreads, our edit of holiday appetizers and holiday stars are easy enough to make at home for a family dinner, festive party, or work potluck. Trust us, these festive appetizer recipes will bring on the holiday cheer and put everyone in the holiday mood.

In short? Skip the boring appetizers this year— holiday parties deserve fun and elegant appetizers, especially those that include indulgent French pâte and mousse.