Traditional Country Style Patés
Typically served by the slice on a garnished plate; or as "finger food" when sliced, cubed and
speared with a toothpick. May also be sliced for a sandwich using French or Italian

Pork and pork liver with sherry wine, herbs & spices.
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Chicken Ballotine   PORK FREE
A golden breast of chicken that encases minced white chicken
meat, pistachio nuts and a medley of dried tropical fruits.
Excellent for "center of the plate", just add vegetables
and couscous!

Chicken & Veal  PORK FREE
Veal, breast of chicken, chicken liver and cognac, garnished
with mustard seed and black pepper.

Forest Mushroom
Pork and pork liver with shiitake mushrooms and sherry wine.
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Grand Marnier
Pork, duck, and chicken liver with
orange liqueur garnished with fresh orange slices.

Green Peppercorn
Pork and pork liver with whole green peppercorns and cognac.

Hunter's Terrine
Pork, venison, and chicken liver with port wine.
Garnished with bay leaf and juniper berries.

Pheasant Rosemary
Pork, pheasant and duck meats with rosemary, pecans and port wine.
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A preparation of finely shredded duck meat and duck fat that is scantily spiced. No Liver.
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Herb de Provence Chicken    PORK FREE
Breast of chicken, chicken liver and rum with the classic French blend of herbs, featuring lavender.
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