Pâté of the Month:
Alexian Chicken Ballotine

Our newest pâté is a true gourmet classic we've made available in a convenient single-serve slices!

Chicken Ballotine is a French delicacy traditionally made with a boned thigh part of poultry that is stuffed with ground meat and other ingredients.

Alexian Chicken Ballotine is prepared with a breast of chicken that has been split and filled with minced white chicken meat, pistachios and a medley of dried fruits, including papaya, pineapple, raisins and apricots. The prepared meat is baked slowly in a terrine to a mouth watering golden brown.

Like all of our pâtés, the Chicken Ballotine is made with all natural, responsibly produced ingredients and methods. The poultry used to make our Chicken Ballotine comes from a farm in Pennsylvania that we chose for its wholesome products - which are free of hormones and antibiotics. Like all of our vendors, this farm certifies its breeding and raising practices are humane and sensitive to the good health and well being of its animals.

"I just love the Chicken Ballotine," said Alexian President Laurie Cummins. "It's both visually appealing and absolutely delicious. It's just beautiful when served on a plate, with salad, couscous or any vegetable dish. And it's very versatile - it can be served as an appetizer, snack or center of the plate. We're thrilled to offer this delicacy in both the loaf and the 5 oz. slice to our customers."

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