December 2017

Pâté of the Month:
Truffle Mousse

Creamy, spreadable and utterly sinful!

Made with turkey and chicken liver, sherry, truffles, wild mushrooms and spices, our Truffle Mousse pâté is a delightful mixture of rich flavors and creamy, delicate textures.

This mousse pâté features truffles, which have been used in Europe as culinary delights since ancient times and recently have increased in popularity among chefs and home cooks all over the world.

A type of mushroom, truffles are notoriously difficult to cultivate because they can only grow in the wild. Truffles' scarcity and flavor makes them a sought-after delicacy - and one of the most expensive natural foods in the world.

The ultra smooth and rich Truffle Mousse pâté is part of Alexian's lineup of mousse pâté, which all are full-flavored and suitable for spreading. Often on the menu at French restaurants, Truffle Mousse is an authentic French dish that is delicious on its own or with a variety of accompaniments.

Here's what to enjoy with the Truffle Mousse pâté:

Soups – A warm bowl of soup is a perfect treat on a cold and dark winter day. Many soups are mild in flavor, which makes them perfect to enjoy with a full-flavored delicacy like the Truffle Mousse pâté. Try the Truffle Mousse pâté with celery soup, cream of mushroom soup or French onion soup.

Breads – Thick, hearty breads are best for a flavorful pâté like the Truffle Mousse. French baguettes are a traditional way to enjoy a mousse pâté, but other heavy breads are delicious as well. Try dark wheat breads or sliced whole grain toast to add some variety to your serving vessels. Vegetables – Juicy vegetables taste great with creamy sensuous mousse pâtés and the Truffle Mousse flavor is a perfect complement to many healthy veggies. Try pairing this pâté with tomatoes, carrots and squash.

Wines – Pâté has a delicate, complex flavor that comes alive when paired with wines. Try the Truffle Mousse with red or white wines for a delicious flavor combination: The pork flavors will match the deep tones of red wines while the crisp airiness of white wines brings out the best of the wild mushroom and truffle flavors.

Hot drinks – Winter is the best time of the year to savor a warm drink, and mousse pâté can make a fine complement to your warm beverage of choice. Try pairing the Truffle Mousse pâté with sweet drinks like hot chocolate or sweetened hot tea. The sensuous flavor of the pâté is a great complement to sweetness. Add some rum to the tea or brandy to the hot chocolate to make a truly sinfully delicious combination.

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