May 2017

Pâté of the Month:
Duck Rillette

An easy way to add a gourmet touch when entertaining is to serve our Duck Rillette, a lush, savory blend of slow cooked duck meat, duck fat, and spices.

Our Rillette (pronounced ree ett) is a traditional French favorite that offers a lush texture and a fantastically rich and savory flavor.

Made with no liver, Rillette is created with specially prepared duck meat that is cooked in duck fat within large kettles. A special blend of subtle spices rounds out the recipe.

Our 100 percent all natural Rillette is made in much the same way Rillette has been made in France for generations. Cooked for hours, the mixture turns into a "shred " that is poured into terrines and cooled before being placed in our vacuum packaging.

The Rillette's versatility makes it perfect for any time of day or occasion. Flat bread crackers or mini toasts with Rillette make perfect dinner hors d'oeuvres. When it's added to warm bagels, croissants, or toast slices, a fantastic breakfast is created in seconds.

Our Rillette is also a delicious addition to summer cookout menus, where it will shine as an appetizer or as a flavorful addition to side dishes.

Alexian Duck Rillette serving suggestions:

- Toast thick slices of baguette on a grill and add a generous portion of Rillette – perfect as a barbeque appetizer or afternoon snack.

- Try it as a burger topping – our French Bistro Burger tips page offers a great way to feature this classic flavor in an all-new way.

- Create a simple, gourmet quesadilla with Rillette! Simply spread Rillette on tortillas and add grilled onions and peppers. Wrap in foil and place on the grill to warm it up, or heat up on the stove using a flat plan. Top with a bit of salsa and sour cream.

- For a twist on a loaded baked potato, add warmed Rillette to your potato with a dollop of sour cream and scallions.

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