MAY 2011

Paté Rendezvous:
Omelet (paté) surprise!

Add flavor to your breakfast fare with Alexian paté.

Few dishes are as common as the omelet. A breakfast favorite around the world, omelets come in all shapes and sizes and can be made with virtually any ingredient.

Omelets with cheese, tomatoes, peppers, onions or broccoli can be found in countless kitchens, diners and restaurants. So why not make a more unique omelet and add a sumptuous Alexian paté?

Paté is delicious with eggs and can easily be added to any simple omelet recipe. Anyone can whip up an omelet in no time – there are just a few things to keep in mind.

For omelets we recommend using coarse patés, diced and cubed. Our chicken and veal paté are especially delicious and will add a unique flavor to any omelet.

Be sure to use a non-stick pan so the eggs will come out smoothly. Warm up all the ingredients you plan to add in before placing them in the omelet, since eggs cook quickly and there won't be time to warm up cool ingredients before the eggs begin to burn.

Let the paté warm to about room temperature, and then add it on top of the folded omelet after its removed from the pan. If you would prefer all ingredients to be on the inside, simply spread the paté on top of the other ingredients just before folding the omelet and finishing cooking.

While omelets look great and are fun to make, there are other ways to savor paté along with famous egg-based breakfast dishes.

Frittatas are the Italian version of omelets and are just as easy to make. A bit thicker and deeper than omelets, frittatas feature ingredients that are mixed together with the eggs instead of added on top.

Try our vegetable patés, cubed into bite-sized pieces and added on top or inside the mixture. The eggplant with goat cheese paté is an excellent choice because its Italian flavors will match perfectly. Frittatas are sliced like a pie and generally served hot.

A quiche is also fairly similar to an omelet, though it is baked in a pie pan and features cream along with the eggs. Quiches are savory and, like omelets, can be made with an infinite array of ingredients and toppings.

A simple quiche dish can be made into a gourmet delight with a small garnish of sliced paté. Bite-sized pieces added inside the mixture work very well; we recommend our Mushroom artichoke or mixed vegetable paté for a unique experience. Course patés like our campagne or chicken and veal are delicious with quiches as well.

Tip: Don't be afraid to serve fresh, healthy sides with your paté and egg-based breakfast delight! Fresh vegetables, sliced sausages and potatoes all work well and can easily round the meal into a true gourmet feast.


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