May 2015

Pâté Rendezvous: French Bistro Burger - Pâté as a Burger Topping

Everyone's looking for the next great burger. It's one spring and summer meal that never goes out of fashion. From foodies to families – it's all about the burger! So try something new -- Go gourmet with Alexian and make your own French Bistro Burger!

The biggest flavors make the boldest burgers. Pâté is the perfect gourmet burger topping, adding fresh, unexpected flavors and sumptuous textures to the standard burger.

Dress it up with a thin slice of Campagne or spread a bit of Truffle Mousse on your burger bun for gourmet taste with little effort.

Each flavor of pâté is packed with the timeless flavor of specialty meats and distinctive blends of herbs and spices. These unique medleys of fresh, delicate flavors meld seamlessly with juicy ground chuck, creating a heavenly dose of satisfaction. Take this simple indulgence further at your next cookout with fresh accompaniments.

Alexian French Bistro Burger

- Thick, grill-toasted whole-wheat buns
- Caramelized onions
- Arugula or Green leaf lettuce
- Sliced cornichons
- Ground sirloin
- Alexian Truffle Mousse or Black Peppercorn

- Sear 1/3 pound ground beef patties on open grill.
- While beef is cooking, spread bun with room-temperature pâté.
- Remove beef from heat and place on dressed bun.
- Add a layer of caramelized onions (sautéed mushrooms are delicious, too).
- Top with sprinkling of arugula or one crisp lettuce lead and sliced cornichons.

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