April 2016

Pâté of the Month:
Grand Marnier

Savory and refreshing, this country style pâté is at home as an easy appetizer

Made with pork, duck and chicken, this pâté also features onions, orange liqueur, fresh oranges, spices, salt and garlic.

The deeply flavorful cognac meshes with the zest of fresh orange to create a flavor experience that's hearty but not overpowering. It's perfect for relaxing with a robust glass of wine on a cold winter evening!

Try it with a medium bodied red wine such as Merlot, which offers a soft and delicate flavor profile that features fruity flavors and a slight vanilla note. Rosé wines have the refreshing texture that tastes great with Grand Marnier as well.

While a simple pâté and wine pairing is an ideal way to enjoy this pâté, it's also excellent as part of a simple party appetizer or even an indulgent gourmet snack.

Serving suggestions

- Grand Marnier works great on toothpick appetizers! Simply cube the pâté and spear it with a toothpick for hors d'oeuvres. See this month's Pâté Rendezvous for more suggestions.

- Try slicing and serving the Grand Marnier on a garnished plate for a lovely snack or light salad course or appetizer. Cornichons, cherry tomatoes, toast points, grapes and berries are colorful and flavorful accompaniments.

Savory sandwich:

Pick your favorite crusty French bread and add lettuce and Grand Marnier pâté for an effortless sandwich. Add sliced tomatoes and pickles to create some extra flavor and a nice, smooth crunch. This combination can also be used to create a simple tartines, which are small open faced sandwiches served on toast.

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