Creamy and Spreadable Mousses
Typically enjoyed as a spread on an unflavored cracker, bread or toast points.

Black Peppercorn
Pork and poultry liver, with sherry and crushed black
peppercorns. » more info

Chicken Liver Mousse    PORK FREE
Traditional New York Deli style flavor made with chicken livers
and a dash of sherry.

Duck with Cognac
Duck liver and pork with fine cognac.
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Goose Liver Mousse   NO FOIE GRAS
Goose liver with port wine and spices.

Spiced Apple Mousse
Pork, duck and duck liver, apple brandy and apple pie spices.

Truffle Mousse
Pork, and poultry liver with sherry, truffles, and wild mushrooms.
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Sage and Pork Mousse
Pork and pork liver with vermouth and herbs featuring sage.
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