December 2012

Paté of the Month:
Duck Mousse Paté

Made with duck liver and pork along with a splash of fine cognac, our duck mousse paté is fresh, natural and mouth wateringly delicious. Easy to spread and incredibly smooth, the duck liver mousse is versatile – it's delicious spread on a piece of bread or used to create an elaborate appetizer.

While enjoying the decadent flavors of the duck mousse is always a treat, savoring it with a sip of wine between bites makes the experience even more memorable, especially during the holidays. While it's more than likely the duck mousse will taste great with your favorite red or white wines, during the holidays it's often best to savor something more special.

Champagnes and sparkling wines are the ultimate celebratory drinks. Sweet and crisp, the bubbly is a delightful companion for our spreadable duck mousse. Look for light, fruity champagnes for the most delicious contrast with the paté.

For something a little different, raise a glass of Beaujolais wine. They offer a refreshingly light texture and have a lively flavor that's perfect for savory, smooth paté. Beaujolais Nouveau is a seasonal delight that's released each November and offers a fruity flavor that's a nice match for the duck mousse.

Many wine lovers rarely take the time to savor sherry and port wine, which offer unique spices and flavors that are a natural fit for holiday festivities and nicely compliment paté. Dry, sweet sherry wines are delicious with duck mousse, while port wines' wealth of spices excel alongside the paté's natural flavors.

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