MARCH 2011

Paté Rendezvous:
Wine and Paté: Pairing Perfection

Much like wines, patés are filled with intricate flavors - and when paired, the full flavors of both come alive.

When savored along with a glass of wine, a simple slice of country style paté or dollop of mousse paté become a gourmet experience.

Alexian patés easily pair with a wide variety of wines, and many versatile red and white wines will taste delicious with virtually any pate, whether country style, mousse or terrine.

The acidity and refreshing texture of white wines are fabulous with creamy, mousse style patés, while the deep, satisfying flavors of red wines are a tasty companion to the heartier feel of traditional country style patés.

Of course, some paté and wine combinations are more delicious than others.

Try these can't miss paté and wine combinations:

Truffle mousse paté can be enjoyed with red or white wines. The pork flavors match the robust, long-lasting flavor of red wines. White acidic wines bring out the best of the creamy truffle flavors. Try this paté with a Merlot or Chardonnay. Sherry wine and other fortified wines are also delicious with truffle mouse paté.

• The duck with cognac mousse paté tastes even more delicious with port wine. The sweet, red wine's flavors play well off of the paté's special blend of spices.

Grand Marnier paté features pork, duck, and chicken liver with orange liqueur garnished with fresh orange slices. Try this paté with a rosé wine. Rosé wines are medium bodied and many have the refreshing texture of white wine with a somewhat deep flavor more typical of a red.

The earthy mushroom and mushroom and artichoke patés feature the deep and earthy flavors of mushrooms. To many wine enthusiasts, mushrooms should be thought of as red meat in terms of wine pairings. Pinot noir is a good choice for these patés but don't be afraid to mix it up and try a sangria.

• Serve tomato basil paté with a dry Sauvignon Blanc wine. Sauvignon Blanc wine is zesty and acidic. It's a great complement to foods that feature tomato. The refreshing zing of the tomato and basil blends well with the dry, relatively tart wine.

Rosemary pheasant paté has a delicious, unique flavor profile. Red wines with earthy flavors like Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Rioja and Syrah are perfect for the pheasant flavors.


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