Paté of the Month:
Spiced Apple Mousse

Smooth, savory and perfect for fall!

Delicious and refreshing, our Spiced Apple Mouse Paté is made with premium pork, duck and duck liver, along with apple brandy and apple pie spices. Mulling spices are also present to round out the wonderful flavors.

Eggs, milk, onions, salt, garlic and mushrooms complete the recipe. The result is a smooth and flavorful fall treat that can easily be enjoyed on it's own, with crackers and small accompaniments and even with real apples!

Spiced Apple Mousse Paté Serving Suggstions:

- Spread it on crackers, sliced baguette and toast for a special snack or a super easy appetizer! The fall flavor is perfect to serve while watching your favorite football team, too!

- For a quick and easy gourmet breakfast, simply spread the Spiced Apple Mousse on a warm bagel. It also makes a flavorful side dish to compliment scrambled or fried eggs.

Delectable pairings:

- This paté is delicious with medium bodied red wines - Shiraz and Merlot are ideal.

- Cornichons, berries and grapes are flavorful accompaniments that add a sweet citrus sensation to the smooth paté.

- Fall is the season of Fresh apples – which are easy to enjoy with this paté. Try a locally grown Golden Delicious or Honey Crisp apple for great salty and sweet contrasts.

- If you're looking for something less sweet, many tart cooking apples – like Idared, Macoun or Northern Spy – taste great with Spice Apple Paté, too.

Like all Alexian Patés the Spiced Apple Mousse are 100 percent natural and feature meats, dairy, and poultry ingredients made without added hormones, growth stimulants or antibiotics.

For fullest flavor, serve the Spiced Apple Mousse Paté at room temperature.

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