June 2014

Pâté Rendezvous:
Sommeliers Know Pate

Wine and pâté – what could taste better together?

Not much, but don't take or word for it. Ask a sommelier. Wine experts around the world know all about the two historic culinary delights and the epic flavor harmonies they create. Find out for yourself – Alexian makes it easy!

A famous French heritage and intricate flavors can make pâté a bit intimidating, but premade Alexian products make serving gourmet pâté a breeze. And pairing our decadent flavors with wine is even easier.

Pâté and wine are a sure thing when it comes to pairing. Michael Madrigale, chef sommelier at both New York's Bar Boulud and Boulud Sud, told Eater.com that pâté has a rich, fatty and savory flavor that makes it among the easiest foods to pair with wine.

Award-winning sommelier Sarah Limacher told lifestylefood.com that while there are no universal rules to wine pairing, the best bet is picking compliments and contrasts. Contrast the richness of pate with sweet white wines like Semillion, she suggests. Any sweet, cold white wine with a creamy mousse style pâté makes a perfect summer party pairing!

For a red wine, look for something with a bit of acidity. A Beaujolais and any Brugandy are excellent choices with any of our pâtés.

Visit our pâté and wine pairing ideas page for more simple ideas for delicious pairings.

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