August 2015

Pâté Rendezvous: Smooth, Spicy & Indulgently Delicious

The rich, deep flavor and smooth, lingering texture of pâté is beautifully complimented by spicy accompaniments.

Alongside fiery sauces and sides, the ethereally creamy texture of Alexian pâtés is extra delicious. Invigorate dinner parties or indulge in decadently delicious snacks with our spicy pairing suggestions.

Spicy Mustard with Chicken Liver Pâté
Chicken Liver Mousse is our traditional deli-style flavor. It's at home on a garnished plate with crisp baguette and spicy brown mustard. The grainy textures and artisanal blends of spicy brown mustards pair perfectly with the smooth texture and flavor of our Chicken Liver Mousse. Add a bit of chopped chive or sage to garnish.

Sweet and Spicy Pickles with Pâté de Campagne
Our most refined, traditional flavors are ideally suited to enjoy with sweet and spicy pickles. The zesty acidity of pickles cuts though the bold, smooth flavors with each nibble. Pâté de Campagne and a spicy-sweet pickle elevate the pairing to decadent heights. Make your own sweet and spicy pickles by gathering a large jar of dills, one cup of sugar and three ounces of green chili sauce. Drain the juice, slice the pickles lengthwise and place them back in the jar. Mix in the sugar and hot sauce, tighten the lid and shake for about 10 minutes. The longer you let them mingle in the bottle, the hotter and sweeter the flavor.

Sriracha Sauce with Hummus & Tomato Basil Pâté
For a double dose of smooth with a dash of intense spice, try mixing together hummus, pâté and sriracha. Hummus is divine with any spice and herb blend and easily pairs with the boldest flavors. Sriracha sauce, an increasingly popular chili-based condiment, adds hot, zesty flavor that mixes nicely with hummus and our Tomato Basil Vegan Pâté. Use just a drop or two of Sriracha to start, and adjust accordingly based on your heat preference. Use as a sandwich spread or as a dip for fresh vegetables or tortilla chips.

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