March 2013

Pâté Rendezvous:
Smoked Cheese with Pâté

Smoked cheeses are smooth and flavorful, just like our pâtés.

Pairing the two creates a decadent delight – true gourmet richness.

Smoke-cured cheeses have a nutty, smoky flavor that's nothing like fresh cheese. Cheese lovers looking for something a little different will love it, especially with just the right pairing.

Alexian pâtés are one of the few pairing options that can stand up to smoky cheeses' robust flavor profiles. You'll find the two compliment each other quite well - different flavors of each accentuate the nuances of both. You won't need large portions of this pairing, which makes it a super fun treat to feature at any gourmet gathering. Try these combinations and experience smoky flavors in a whole new way!

- Smoked Cheddar with our Pheasant Rosemary pâté is a lovely savory blend full of bold flavors and undertones of mellow complements. Serve with beagle chips or crusty baguette.

- Smoked Pepper Jack complements our Duck Rillette with a very smooth flavor that's perfect with the pâtés rich duck meat. Serve with sweet fruit preserves to add some sweetness to the epic savory.

- Smoked blue cheeses pack an incredible amount of flavor. The delicate piquant flavors of blue cheese are more pronounced after being smoke-cured. Go for a cubed country style pâté with blue cheese and serve some red grapes or cherry tomatoes to tamper the flavor just a bit.

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