April 2013

Paté Rendezvous:
Seasonal Vegetables & Paté

Many fabulous green vegetables peak in the spring and early summer months – and three of the most uniquely flavorful are perfect pairs with our all-natural patés!

Celebrate the spring bloom with the vibrant greens of asparagus, artichoke and avocado. All three create an irresistible balance of fresh vegetable flavor and delicate taste when paired with paté. The earthy colors of our patés look great with the bright green colors, too! Spring vegetable and paté pairings make great snacks, side dishes or salad courses.

Artichoke has a smooth, fresh flavor that's excellent with paté. In fact, our Mushroom Artichoke paté features the vegetable within a smooth, luscious texture of artichoke hearts, mushroom mousse and layers of spinach and broccoli. Artichokes can be savored alongside any of our other mousse patés, too. Just boil or steam fresh artichokes for about a half hour, then serve them alongside paté and zesty accompaniments like cornichons and cherry tomatoes.

Asparagus has a truly distinct taste and deep green color. Our White asparagus with spinach and broccoli paté is a divine example of asparagus and herbs within a smooth paté texture. Asparagus is a delicious accent on it's own alongside our vegetable patés or next to slices of any of our country style varieties. The easiest way to prepare asparagus is to steam it. For an intense crunch, serve it raw. Finish this pairing off with a side of mushrooms prepared the same way as the asparagus.

Eating avocado generates a smooth and buttery sensation. The vegetable's uniquely fresh tang includes hints of nutty flavor. Our vegetable patés are delicious with avocado purees. Serve both in separate bowls as dips and offer carrot and celery sticks, French bread and thick crackers as dippers. Avocado spreads can also be used instead of mayo on bread to create one of-a-kind sandwiches with slices of our country style patés.

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