August 2016

Pâté Rendezvous:
Pâté, Plums, Peaches and Pineapples

Here at Alexian, We call them the "4 P's of Summer," because they're all perfectly in-season and ready to be enjoyed.

The sweet flavor of these fruits acts as a perfect complement to many of the rich flavors in our pâtés, creating out-of-this-world flavor profiles. We put together some of our favorite ways to enjoy the 4 P's:

A Grown-Up Grilled Cheese
You've graduated from cheese singles, but still want the warm, ooey-gooey comfort of a melty cheese sandwich. Ladies and gentlemen, we present the perfect grown-up grilled cheese.

We paired our Duck Rillette with plum jam and brie cheese to create a savory-yet-sweet sandwich that, when grilled to perfection, rivals those in 5-star restaurants.

The duck and plum work in harmony with the sweetness of the plum counteracting the richness of the duck, while the creamy brie brings the whole sandwich together.

No-Cook Chicken Tacos
Pâté is an amazing food, because it, in many ways, transcends cultures. While traditionally French, the flavors can be interpreted into many different cuisines.

Take, for instance, our Chicken Ballotine. The accents of dried tropical fruit in this country-style pâté blend unbelievably well with your favorite pineapple salsa. We suggest cubing up a slice of our Chicken Ballotine and tossing with shredded cabbage, shredded mild cheddar, and the pineapple salsa of your choice. Then spoon the mixture into a fresh, whole wheat tortilla.

Our Chicken Ballotine provides the robust texture you want with a taco. The cabbage gives the taco a satisfying crunch and the sweetness of the pineapple salsa gives it a fresh taste. Try adding a little fresh jalapeno if you're looking for spice.

A Bite to Remember
Nothing says summer better than peaches, except for grilled peaches. And the smoky, juicy flavors of a grilled peach pair perfectly with our Grand Marnier Pâté. Our Grand Mariner is known for its deep cognac flavors, accented by pops of orange zest. Paired with peaches, you have the perfect summer bite


Start with a fresh, lightly toasted baguette. Next, place a thin layer of the Grand Marnier, followed by a handful of fresh arugula. Top the arugula with succulent slices of grilled peach and just a sprinkle of pepper. Leave it open faced or top it with another piece of baguette, the choice is yours!

The rich flavors of the Grand Marnier prevent the peaches from coming off too sweet, while the arugula adds textures and acts as a refreshing balance.

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