May 2014

Pâté Rendezvous:
Import a French Pâté Perspective Today

Pâté has a reputation as something lavish – a gourmands-only luxury reserved for the most sophisticated palates. While certainly a sumptuous delight, pâté is much more accessible than many American foodies realize.

Just look to the birthplace of pâté, France, for everyday pâté inspiration. The French serve pâté casually for lunch, snacks and casual meal appetizers. Or simply with a glass of wine to relax after work, at home or in cafes.

In France, fresh pâté is often bought at farmers' markets. Here in America, look no further than your grocery store. Alexian offers the same earthy colors and smooth, airy textures as the artisanal patés of France. With a mixture of all natural ingredients and decadently flavorful spices, Alexian makes it easy to see what makes pâté one of the quintessential French snacks.

So indulge the French way with the easy, casual elegance of Alexian. Just ask participants in out recent "Pâté for the First Time" contest for more reason to reach for pâté!

Here's some of our best quick tips to enjoy pate in deliciously simple French ways!

- Our 100 percent natural Rillette is made much the same way rillette has been made in France for generations. Serve it on flat bread crackers or mini toasts with for a perfect dinner hors d'oeuvres.

- Savor the perfect pâté spread with traditional French bread! Alongside a skinny loaf of crisp French baguette is the most traditional – and easiest - way to enjoy pâté.

- Our Truffle Mousse pâté makes a great side to Green Salad Verte – the French name for simple green house salads. A plate of cool curly greens and crisp vegetables makes an excellent companion for all the smooth pâté flavors.

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