December 2015

Pâté Rendezvous:
Holiday Voila: Easy Gourmet Appetizers

Appetizers are synonymous with the holidays. In fact, they are almost as important as the main event! Impress your guests or wow your host with something special this holiday season.

First impressions are lasting impressions; get creative and set your appetizers apart from the rest. Add something new to the spread, or jazz up one of the regulars for a change of pace.

Pâté is an easy, flavorful way to go gourmet on your holiday appetizer menu. For an added decorative flare, use cake-decorating tools and pipe mousse-style pâté onto a cracker, a piece of crusty French bread, or into a savory mini wafer cone. Top with red and green garnishes, such as diced pimentos, parsley or chives. Not so crafty? Try using a cookie cutter to cut pâté into festive shapes and serve on a decorative platter with crackers and fruit garnishes.

To keep your appetizer selection light and well balanced, consider adding fruits and vegetables into the mix. Fill olives with flavored cheeses or stuff cherry tomatoes with Cucumber Dill Dip or Spinach Feta Dip. Add a bit of sweetness to your spread with skewers of melon, prosciutto and fresh mozzarella, or stuff dates or figs with any combination of blue cheese, goat cheese, pine nuts, prosciutto, or bacon. Try spreading Alexian Duck Rillette onto a slice of baguette and top with sliced cherries or a fruit chutney.

During the holidays, presentation can make a big difference. Decorate your table with seasonal greenery like holly leaves and garland and accent with pine cones and artificial red berries. A few decorative ball ornaments can add just the right sparkle to your spread.

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