January 2013

Paté Rendezvous:
Healthy Paté Snacks with Vegetables & Pickles

Alexian Patés make it easy to savor low-fat, healthy foods like vegetables and pickles. Perfect for everyday snacks, our extravagantly flavored patés are a great addition to healthy New Year's resolution diets. With Alexian, it's easy manage your hunger with zero guilt – here's how to do it:

- Any of this month's featured vegan patés make delicious healthy treats. For example, the Tomato Basil flavor combines deliciously with sliced fruit, vegetable sticks or whole grain bread.

- Use our spreadable mousses to turn tomatoes, peppers and mushrooms into picturesque delicacies. Simply slice large, fresh pieces of the produce and stuff paté inside to make creative, eye-popping appetizers. Our Sage and Pork Mousse in a red pepper or tomato is particularly divine.

- Try spreading our Smoked Salmon Paté on a tortilla and sprinkling some chopped cornichons and cucumbers on top. Cornichons are small, crunchy pickles with a stimulating flavor that contrasts deliciously with the patés smoothness.

- Small slices of French baguette offer a crispy crust and soft, squishy interior that makes them irresistible with paté and hummus. Try any of our meat or poultry patés with a bit of plain hummus. The mellowness of hummus adds contrast to the full flavored paté, making both profiles stand out.

- A cheese board may not sound like the healthiest appetizer, but it's actually very easy to make one that's low in fat and features plenty of foods with health benefits. Fresh as well as dried fruits, nuts, vegetables and low

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