July 2017

Grilled Veggies & Pâté: A Summertime Dream

If you're anything like us, you try to spend as much time as possible outdoors during the summer. Or, at the very least as much time as possible cooking outdoors - who wants to turn on the hot oven when it's 90 degrees?

The grill is the summer chef's best friend. There's nothing as tantalizing as the smell of a freshly grilled dinner, or as satisfying as digging into a plate of food with perfect char marks.

This summer, explore the wonders of fresh summer produce and make the most of your grill with these hearty, heavenly grilled veggie recipes from Alexian.

Grilled & Stuffed Baked Potatoes!

If you're thinking about throwing a couple of steaks or burgers on the grill, look no further for the perfect side than the humble potato.

Throwing the potatoes on the grill requires the same process as if you were cooking them in the oven, but being on the grill allows them to develop that mouthwatering smoky flavor.

Simply wash the potatoes, poke with plenty of holes, and wrap tightly with two pieces of thick aluminum foil. Place them on the grill for about one hour, rotating midway through.

Once tender, split them open and stuff with our Duck Rillette, topped with a bit of fig jam.

Alternatively, try using a sweet potato for extra flavor! Skip the fig jam and add sour cream!

Grilled Zucchini

It's summer, so zucchini is abundant. Its versatility makes it the perfect vegetable for grilling - you can top it with almost anything and make a delicious meal!

For a simple yet savory dish, cut your zucchini into large, flat slices, drizzle the slices with virgin olive oil, and throw them on the grill until you see those lovely grill marks. Once they're off, brush a layer of chili paste, then top with our Duck Rillette or our Tomato Basil Pâté.

Grilled Veggie Pizza

Grilling and pizza are two of the best things in life, so why not bring them together? We love making grilled pizza, using our Tomato Basil Pâté as a substitute for sauce and topping with grilled veggies and fresh Parmesan Reggiano.

Here's how to make your own:

1. Heat your grill to approximately 550 – 600 degrees F. If you have a choice, set up your grill so the pizza is over direct heat.

2. Grill the veggies. Vegetables such as bell peppers, squash, and onion can be thrown directly onto the grilling rack. Wrap smaller veggies, such as mushrooms, in aluminum foil.

3. Prepare your ingredients. Make sure that all of your ingredients are easily accessible and ready to go! Before you even turn your grill on, everything should be cut, shredded and unwrapped. Try setting them on a table near the grill. Make sure that your grill utensils are also on-hand.

4. Prepare your dough. Stretch the dough into a thin, even circle or rectangle so it cooks evenly.

5. Brush one side of the dough with olive oil; this is the side that will lay down on the grill. Grill the first side of the pizza. Lay the dough on the grill (make sure the olive-oil side is down, or it will stick. Now brush the top of the dough with a thin layer of olive oil, too – you'll be flipping it soon.

6. Let the dough cook for about 3 minutes, with the lid off, or for about 1 to 2 minutes with the lid on. Cooking times will vary, so use your tongs to lift up and check the dough from time to time. You want grill marks on it, but you don't want the dough to be crispy yet; it should be just set.

7. Once the dough has set, flip it over using your spatula. It should flip easily.

8. Grab your toppings. It's important to top the pizza quickly. Spread on a thin layer of our Tomato-Basil Vegan Pâté, then your grilled veggies, and finally top with Parmesan. Don't overload your pizza or it won't cook correctly.

9. Put the lid on and cook for 3 to 5 minutes. Try not to open the lid too soon – just use your sense of smell to make sure the pizza isn't burning.

10. After a few minutes, remove the lid. The crust should be crispy. Remember to let the pizza cool before cutting!

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