November 2011

Paté Rendezvous:
Flights of flavor

Create a beautiful & delicious paté flight flavor sampler!

Appetizer and drink tasting "flights" feature a range of closely related foods or beverages lined up in small servings to display an intriguing variety of style and flavors.

While wines are most commonly served in flights, presenting patés this way is fun and easy. And it's a perfect way to get to know all the unique flavor profiles and textures that patés have to offer!

Start by gathering 4-8 different patés. Select a variety – for example, include one vegetable paté, one seafood terrine, one of our creamy pork or duck mousse style patés and one of our course country patés. Plan to have about 2 to 3 ounces of paté per person.

After selecting the patés, decide what to accompany your flights with. There's an array of sides - like pickles, French baguette, olives, crackers and veggie sticks – that taste great with paté and offer fun, colorful ways to serve them.

Cheese also offers a fantastic paté pairing. Offer two or three different hard cheeses to pair with the patés and breads.

Finally, be sure to pay close attention to your drinks. It's best to allow your guests to mix and match different wines and beers with the different patés and accompaniments.

Wine offers complex flavors that provide a great balance to paté. Medium and full-bodied red wines taste great with many patés and offer a robust and satisfying flavor, especially during the fall and winter.

Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Rioja and Syrah are great all purpose wines to serve with paté. They are robust enough to stand up to the paté's complex flavor profile but not strong enough to overwhelm the delicate layers of flavor.

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