September 2014

Easy, Elegant Brunch: Eggs with Pate

Eggs and pâté are a great combination for weekday breakfast or lunch, but they really shine together on the brunch menu. With a touch of culinary flare and the ease of Alexian's prepackaged all natural goodness, it's easy to plan a festive fall brunch party!

- Instead of having fatty bacon with your eggs, pâté is a rich alternative with less fat yet still packed with natural flavor!

- For a simple and savory breakfast sandwich, try spreading Forest Mushroom pâté on baguette, followed by over medium eggs and mixed greens. The baguette will absorb all the delicious egg yolk!

- For something lighter, Tomato Basil Vegan Pâté on a whole wheat tortilla. Add in scrambled eggs and fresh baby spinach; then wrap up and enjoy! When Alexian is in the equation, you don't need many ingredients to put together a hearty breakfast, and when the tortillas are wrapped up, a lovely swirl pattern emerges when sliced into sections.

- Gourmet omelettes don't take a refrigerator full of ingredients when Alexian pâtés are on hand. Cube any of our course, country style pâtés and mix in with onions, peppers, mushrooms, or any other omelets fixings.

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