JULY 2011

Paté Rendezvous:
Cold appetizer spreads with paté

Delicious, nutritious, refreshing & easy – cold appetizers are the way to go this summer!

Summer calls for simple, light appetizers that are easy to eat and carry – but that doesn't mean flavor has to be sacrificed.

One of the best aspects of our 100 percent natural patés is their ability to enhance standard snacks into flavorful delights. Simple appetizer plates filled with cold, refreshing items can be turned into delectable party finger foods with the addition of paté – and an impressive cold appetizer spread can be prepared at a moment's notice.

After all, sometimes guests drop in unexpectedly - making a quick and easy appetizer spread essential. Making a delicious one is a snap with Alexian patés.

How to create the perfect paté cold appetizer plate

- Pick a few different patés and place them in the middle of a large plate filled with items that can be dipped into the patés or that a mouse style paté can be spread on.

- Crackers and sliced baguette along with fresh raw vegetables is perfect. Anything from cold potatoes to sliced cheese and pickles can be included, as well.

- Cubed paté is delicious with all kinds of cheeses. Country style paté, like our Pheasant and Rosemary paté adds a delicious contrast to soft cheese like Brie and works well with harder cheeses like cheddar, too. Fun summer garnishes like red grapes also are a delicious addition to a paté spread.

- Sliced cucumbers can become ideal serving vessels for paté. Add some tuna, cheese, tomato slices or croutons for even more flavor and texture.

- Spreadable mousse patés can be stuffed into veggies like red and green peppers, making a fantastic appetizer that looks as good as it tastes. Sage and pork mousse or Eggplant and goat cheese patés stuffed into peppers or tomatoes are perfect combinations.

- Bread sticks, carrots, celery and pita chips can be dipped in all varieties of paté to make a surprisingly satisfying appetizer. Vegetable and seafood patés are a particularly excellent choice to serve as a dip, and can even be served alongside grilled beef or chicken if a fuller meal is needed.

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