April 2015

Pâtétaining: Casual & Last Minute Party Tips and Tricks

When throwing a party, even the most organized host needs a little bit of help once in a while. Sometimes there's just not enough time to get the party organized on your own!

Whether a group of relatives stops by unexpectedly or your coworkers drop in for a quick drink after work – gourmet snacks and appetizers are only a few minutes away. Here are a few tips to make at-home entertaining easier:

- Keep it casual. There's no need for a formal meal when guests come over. It's usually more fun without the table anyway! Let your guests pick, munch, and mingle. We recommend setting up party stations to keep things casual and easy. This month's fresh spring vegetable pairing tips offer a few simple ideas to add to those stations. Add wine or your favorite craft beer as an extra touch to a fun and relaxing evening.

- Pâté served alongside a skinny loaf of crisp French baguette is the most traditional and easiest gourmet hors d'oeuvre you can serve. It's a classic favorite!

- Keep pita chips, crostini, or your favorite crackers on hand. It's easy to pair them with Alexian pâtés as well as cheeses, cold cuts or dry cured meats.

- With summer coming, having fresh fruit in the kitchen is a great way to offer pairings using produce that's in season. The sweetness of the fruit partners nicely with the savory flavor profile of our mousses and country-style pâtés. Pair our Grand Marnier Pâté with slices of orange, or try our Duck Liver Mousse and Cognac alongside sliced strawberries or grapes.

- Cut country-style pâtés into bite-sized pieces and serve with toothpicks and accompaniments like mustards or chutneys. Make your own chutney with fresh fruit from the garden or your local farmer's market to add a personal touch.

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