March 2012

Paté Rendezvous:
Beginner's Guide to Paté

For many people pâté brings to mind a fancy, duck liver-based hors d'oeuvre spread – but patés (which don't all include liver) offer much more to food lovers, some of which may surprise!

What is paté?
Pâté - pronounced pah-TAY - is French for "paste." While traditionally served baked and in a crust, today paté simply describes a wide variety of smooth mixes of seasoned ground meats, vegetables, dairy products, liquors like sherry or cognac, herbs and spices. It can be used in sumptuous appetizers or simple homemade snacks and breakfast dishes.

What is paté made of?
Seafood, poultry, meat and vegetables - often a combination of several – all form the base of various Alexian Patés. "Pate is a wonderful "medium" to carry different flavors," said Laurie Cummins, Alexian's owner. "Nearly any flavor profile that excites you can be made in a pate."

Alexian makes a variety of patés that are as unique as they are delicious. While many people assume all patés are made with liver, delicious veggies like white asparagus, spinach and broccoli are featured in Alexian's vegetarian pates and Tofu is featured in the Vegan varieties.

What is the texture of paté?
Patés can be smooth and creamy (mousse) or firmer and chunkier (country style). Mousses spread effortless on pastries while country style varieties can be sliced or cubed for appetizers and sandwiches. Patés are equally flavorful hot or cold and are best served at room temperature

Are there any nutritional benefits in patés?
Yes! Alexian vegetable, vegan, and seafood varieties contain only 51 calories per 2 oz. serving, with the Earthy Mushroom Vegan having just 25 grams per serving. If you're looking for a flavorful protein boost try the Alexian Smoked Salmon Paté, which contains 8 grams per serving!

In all, we produce nearly 30 different pâté products including, pork, and pork free, game, poultry, vegetarian, vegan, and seafood. All Alexian Patés are free of trans fats.

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