December 2014

Pâté Rendezvous:
Baked Cheese Crisps with Pâté (Holiday Appetizer Surprise!)

Everyone is looking for fresh holiday treats this time of year. Holiday appetizers featuring Alexian Pâté are the perfect way to bring a new world of festive flavor to the season!

While pâté makes a lovely hors d'oeuvre unaccompanied, there's an easy way to really kick up the flavor. Cheese crisps! Look no further, foodies, because it's easy to make skinny, crispy, subtle discs of cheese that are absolutely divine with pâté!

Start with any hard, grated cheese like Gouda or Cheddar. Sprinkle the cheese into circular shapes on a parchment-lined baking sheet and pop them into a 350-degree oven for about 10 minutes - until they're a uniform golden brown and have a crisp texture. Serve them alongside any of our savory pâtés. Our mousse flavors can be used as a spread or to make a luxurious dip!

Here are a few tips to get your savory cheese crisps just right!

- Make sure to flatten the mounds of grated cheese as much as possible to avoid them spreading out while cooking. Aim for a uniform, thin-as-possible texture so they cook evenly.

- Don't be afraid to mix in seasonings or spices with your shredded cheese. Adding black pepper and garlic salt creates a great aroma and is an easy way to boost the flavor.

- Use parchment paper to prevent the cheese crisps from sticking to the pan and to stop the cheese from getting too hard.

- Let the crisps cool after removing them from the oven. You can simply transfer the parchment from the pan to the counter top – and then the perfect party snack is just a few minutes away.

As for the pâté, traditional holiday favorites like Duck Rillette, Goose Liver Mousse, and Truffle Mousse taste fabulous alongside cheese.

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