JUNE 2011

Paté Rendezvous:
Baguettes of flavor

Savor the perfect paté palette – traditional French bread!

Baguette - a long, skinny loaf of French bread - is a traditional staple of French cuisine. It's also one of the best ways to enjoy all of our flavorful, all natural patés.

Made with lean dough - and traditionally sans preservatives of any kind - baguette is made everyday in bakeries all over the word.

With its elegant top slits, crisp crust and soft, springy interior, baguette is a hearty addition to breakfast, lunch or dinner and provides the perfect palette for paté flavors and textures.

Creating a unique and delicious sandwich is a simple task when paté and baguette are involved. Simple layer slices of any coarse paté with lettuce and tomatoes on a sliced baguette and voilà: a fabulous no fuss sandwich!

Baguette and paté also makes a perfect, simple appetizer. Slices can be toasted or served cold with mousse paté spread on top.

Other serving suggestions include:

- Sliced, toasted baguette with our duck with cognac or truffle mousse paté makes a delicious snack and works especially well as a breakfast item. It makes for a delicious addition to any brunch menu, and doubles as a quick, filling and healthy weekday breakfast.

- Our Chicken Ballotine makes a nice pair with baguette as well. Serve this combination with green beans, broccoli and peas for a healthy dose of flavor.

- Ripe tomatoes, red peppers and other seasonal vegetables piled on baguette and toped with any mouse or country style paté is a delicious substitute for a pre meal salad. Basil, parsley and oregano can be included to add a bit of flavor to compliment the patés' complex flavor profiles.


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