Paté of the Month:
The Alexian Vegan Collection

Alexian offers three flavorful vegan patés, each low in calories and fat - and made with no animal proteins of any kind.

Looking for a smooth, tasty vegan treat? Try our all-natural vegan paté collection!

The Curry and Bell Pepper, Tomato Basil and Earthy Mushroom patés make delectable vegan appetizers, snacks or side dishes.

Serving any or all of the three by the slice on a garnished plate is all that's needed to create a delicious hors d'oeuvre platter in no time! Simply cube and serve with toothpicks on a plate filled with raw vegetables and your favorite crackers and breads. All three pair very well with vegan cheeses, too!

All three can be savored in many other ways as well.

Curry and Bell Pepper
A green blend of herbs and spices, the curry and bell pepper paté features a mild curry along with tasty green pepper. Spread it on cucumbers or zucchini for a supremely simple and delicious snack. It also makes a smooth accompaniment to any curry based dish or soup and is especially ideal as an appetizer to a spicy meal.

Earthy Mushroom
Mushrooms, celery and onions are mixed in a soy tofu base to create the wonderfully flavorful earthy mushroom paté. The simple, fresh taste makes it excellent on sandwiches and a refreshing wine pairing – try it with a Burgundy wine for a perfect, light appetizer.

With tomatoes, red peppers and plenty of traditional "Italian" herbs, the Tomato-basil paté feature a delicious flavor profile in its soy tofu base. Try serving this veggie delight as a side with any green salad to make a delicious light meal or appetizer. If time is of the essence, simply serve this paté with pita bread or spread it on celery.

Like all Alexian Patés, the vegan collection is 100 percent all natural and contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

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