July 2015

Pâté Rendezvous: Alexian Banh Mi - Sandwich Sensation at Home!

Mixing and matching cuisines creates fun and exciting dishes – like Banh Mi!

It's a fun fusion delight, but it's no fad. Dating to French colonial times, it derives from traditional French salad sandwiches and blends classic French fare with Vietnamese ingredients. Savor it at home with help from Alexian and a few fresh, simple ingredients!

Baguettes and pâté pair nicely with Asian-inspired ingredients like cilantro, carrots and daikon. These are traditional staples of Banh Mi, but feel free to add a twist and let your own sandwich preferences take over. Sometimes the most unlikely pair makes the most delicious one!

Hollow out and toast your baguette, so you achieve a light and crusty outer layer. Toasting your bread will add texture, while hollowing it will allow for your ingredients to shine. The final step of preparing the bread is to slather mayonnaise on one side and pâté on the other.

Our Chicken Liver Pâté is decadently delicious with traditional Vietnamese charcuterie like pork sausage. Pork is the most common meat choice for this dish, but turkey or ham are also suitable substitutes. Choose any crunchy vegetable combination like carrot, cucumber, cornichon, or even jalapeno. Add a dash of soy sauce, and complete the meal with an iced green tea and enjoy!

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